6 key benefits of ISO standards

6  key  benefits of using ISO management system standards can provide a number of key benefits to an organization:

  1. Improved business performance – Used as a business management tool, this will improve performance, drive real value, remove complexity, and embed continual improvement. Using standards ensures all business processes are integrated and aligned with the business strategies of the organization.
  1. Improved risk and opportunity management – Identify risks and opportunities affecting an organization ensures they are managed more effectively, thus improving operational efficiency, reducing duplication, saving both time and money.
  1. Enhanced reputation – Send a clear message to existing and prospective customers that the organization is taking a leading, innovative and proactive approach to managing the business, by adopting a standard.
  1. Increased efficiency – Providing a robust framework and focus, standards can increase operational efficiency, reducing expensive mistakes thereby saving time and money.
  1. Increased engagement – Adopting a management system, an organization can ensure all employees are working to common goals driven from the business strategy.
  1. Improved integration – The new common structure for all management system standards will ensure that integration of more than one system will be smoother, without investing a lot of extra time and money.

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