Cannabis Odourous Industries Nuisance Bylaw issued by Town of Pelham

Cannabis / Odourous Industries Nuisance Bylaw has been issued by Town of Pelham. The bylaw seems to be focused on licensed (by Health Canada) producers of Cannabis but also mentions landfill, slaughterhouse and rendering operations.


Under the Odourous Cannabis Industries Nuisance Bylaw, the town of Pelham has now issued a request for proposal, to establishing ambient neighbour odour monitoring program, in their area as per their new bylaw on odour complaints. The efforts specifically focus on establishing an ANMP for two Cannabis companies, Cann Trust and Redecan facilities.

AVOIDING ODOUR NUISANCE CHARGES: You must maintain compliance with odour emissions and social rules. Whether you have a large cannabis operation(s) or a small home grow operations (medical or other), there are new unique and cost effective all natural solutions to eliminate your odour emissions.

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