Kellogg tells suppliers to disclose GHG emissions

August 18, 2014

Cereal maker Kellogg says it’s stepping up efforts to reduce carbon emissions in its supply chain as part of a broader initiative to be more environmentally friendly. The Battle Creek,…

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Be Proactive to be Green

February 19, 2014

Be Proactive to be Green, one of your keys to contributing to a better environment.  It doesn’t have to be big, just do it on a regular basis. Be ProGreenActive(TM)…

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Cemex carbon footprint tool paces sustainability curve

December 25, 2010

Source: Dec 7, 2010 Cemex, S.A.B. de C.V., Monterrey, Mexico A tool under phased, global deployment enables Cemex to measure greenhouse gas emissions tied to production and delivery of cement,…

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Water Conservation

December 24, 2010

Using Water Wisely In the manufacturing of foods and beverages, substantial amounts of water are used, both in processing and in the cleaning and sanitation of equipment. It is important…

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Pyrolysis Oil

December 20, 2010

Pyrolysis Oil Manitoba Hydro collaborated with Tolko Industries and Ensyn Technologies  to develop a Pyrolysis Oil Demonstration Project at Tolko Industries in The Pas, Manitoba. The project received financial support from the Government…

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Turning waste into a new energy source – bio-oil

December 16, 2010

Researchers at NRCan’s CanmetENERGY centre are working with Canadian industry to tap the potential of pyrolysis. This new technology sector involves the chemical decomposition of organic materials at high temperatures. Much industrial…

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December 14, 2010

Esatco Savers – Products that offer solutions to environmental issues, such as water use, air emissions, etc. A new section, to offer products that can help save energy, water, etc.…

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Electric Vehicles

December 12, 2010

Electric Vehicles – the times are changing fast and things are getting interesting. The upfront cost for the EV, the charging station, and the incentives being offered.  The EV costs…

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Gasifying Biomass with Sunlight

December 5, 2010

About Gasifying Biomass with Sunlight:  A solar-driven process could yield far more fuel than conventional biomass production. Sundrop Fuels, a startup based in Louisville, CO, says it has developed a…

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Clean Tech

January 8, 2010

Recovery Act Announcement: President Obama Awards $2.3 Billion for New Clean-Tech Manufacturing Jobs January 8, 2010 Today at the White House, President Obama announced the award of $2.3 billion in…

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