COVID19 Health and Safety Risks

COVID19 Health and Safety Risks to business need to be controlled.

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Planning and preparation are keys to establishing a balanced, safe, effective system to ensure your business doesn’t suffer from exposure to COVID 19.

COVID19 Health and Safety Risks to business need focus, with a lot of things to do, much planning and modifications in work flow to be completed. Risks to the business include individuals getting sick, lawsuits for not following accepted/recommended procedures, business closure due to many COVID issues, extensive sanitation costs, poor internal relations with your work team, and bad public relations with community and stakeholders.

No business needs extra stress or extra costs, so get prepared, plan your execution efforts towards prevention, meeting recommended requirements, especially if you belong to a professional group such as dentists.

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What can you do?

  1. review your business work flow for staff
  2. review and discuss potential changes, contact points, cross over locations
  3. improve procedures to include wearing masks
  4. provide additional sanitizer stations, enable staff to wash their hands more frequently especially at breaks
  5. Implement new distancing measures, establish work flow to minimize interactions.
  6. Ensure people have help, if they are sick, have them stay home!

As with all new tasks, extra benefits including staff confidence and trust need to be assured. Always ask for input from your key team members, and have them involved in making things happen!

Sources of more information include:

  1. review governmental information
  2. Find our how to complete a Health and Safety Compliance Audit

Feel free to contact Chris at 647-921-9322 or for more information

Regulatory requirements must be met and Health and Safety Audits provide an external view of how well your team is doing, often finding opportunities for improvement to make your team stronger.

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