ESATCO provides Environmental Compliance Audits for Effective Business Risk Management and Compliance.

How do Environmental Compliance Audits (ECA) help you reduce risks?

Environmental compliance audits identify issues with regulatory compliance, environmental issues, emissions to atmosphere, waste discharges, spill controls etc., all of which must be controlled.

The scope of the ECA was defined in the provision of services and the objectives of the ECA were to:

  • Check the conformity of activities and facilities under the laws (federal, provincial and municipal) applicable, environmental issues, environmental compliance approvals (ECA/CofA) and permits issued to your firm by different government bodies.
  • Make recommendations for best management practices where applicable.

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The following aspects are typically reviewed during the audit:

  • Air Quality Management
    • including Ozone Depleting Substances
  • Land and Vegetation Management
    • Use of Pesticides, etc.
  • Emergency Response
    • including Spill prevention, fire etc.
  • Hazardous Waste / Chemical Management –
    • The management of hazardous waste (including storage).
    • Transportation of Dangerous Goods.
    • The management of chemicals and hazardous materials (WHIMIS, MSDS)
    • Management of controlled substances (PCBs, radioactive materials, asbestos, etc.).
    • Storage of chemicals, including Flammable cabinets management
  • Waste Management
    • Regulatory requirements, handling and labelling, storage, etc.
  • Water and Wastewater Management
    • The potential contamination of soil and groundwater (spills)
    • Discharge in accordance with regulatory bylaws
    • Oil water separator inspection review records
  • Any other aspect that may impact on the environment.
  •  optional Health and Safety regulations observation
  • Follow-up Previous audit Findings (if any)

Applicable Legislation

An audit is based on the acts, regulations and guidelines listed below.  It should be noted that, based on some facility characteristics, not all of the legislation listed below will necessarily apply.

The ESATCO Process

  • 1 FREE initial meeting (online, telephone, or in person)
  • 2 Define program (audit plan) for evaluation of your environmental, health and safety compliance issues
  • 3 Schedule and execute an onsite environmental, health and safety audit
  • 4 Complete draft report with recommendations for your review
  • 5 work with you to development solutions to issues revealed by the audit
  • 6 Re-evaluate your compliance status on a regular basis.

ESATCO understands your Environmental, Health and Safety Compliance Audit issues and offers the solutions that you require.

  • Reliable, qualified, cost effective services
  • Consultants who understand quality procedures and business practices
  • Project staff who are extremely aware of health and safety
  • Project quality assurance/quality control to ensure timely, high quality products and service
  • Compliance Training - Learn the basics of environmental or health and safety compliance, with 1 day overview, or 3 day Experts Online training sessions. Email and ask for more details