Environmental Compliance Audits – 6 steps

Environmental Compliance Audits help to ensure business risks are reduced.

Environmental Compliance Approvals
Plant with emissions to Atmosphere requires Environmental Compliance Approvals

Effective environmental compliance audits combine coverage of the facility, the operations, including regulatory approval requirements such as air emissions, water treatment, solid wastes (hazardous and non hazardous), handling and storage of chemicals (WHMIS, TDG), and the requirements for training and communications.

6 steps to an effective Environmental Compliance Audit

1) plan the audit with an official audit plan
2) host an opening meeting with key members of your team
3) complete tours and interviews on each audit plan item
4) wrap up each day to review progress
5) plan time to write report during audit process
6) hold a closing meeting to review issues and plan progress forward

Regulatory requirements must be met and Environmental Compliance Audits provide an external view of how well your team is doing, often finding opportunities for improvement to make your team stronger. https://esatco.com/environmental-compliance-audits/

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