ESATCO provides Health and Safety Compliance Training for Effective Business Risk Management and Compliance.

How does Health and Safety Compliance Training help you reduce risks?

Health and Safety compliance training helps you identify issues with regulatory compliance, health and safety issues, as well as the common facility issues such as emissions to atmosphere, discharges etc., all of which must be controlled.

The scope of the Health and Safety Training is to:

  • Ensure competence of your staff
  • Ensure utilization of  best management practices where applicable.

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The following aspects are typically reviewed during Health and Safety Compliance Training including:


  • Health and Safety regulations

Applicable Legislation

Our Basics Training (1 day overview) provides exposure to the basics on the acts, regulations and guidelines listed below that may be applicable to your organization.  It should be noted that, based on some facility characteristics, not all of the legislation listed below will necessarily apply.  

Our Advanced Training (3 day program) provides hands on training activites to help you learn to define your facility issues, types of emissions, whether they are air, water or waste(land), and which acts and regulations might be applicable.

Training programs are available for Environmental and Health and Safety.

Health and Safety Regulations and Acts

general management, training and records, first aid, work environment, occupational health, industrial hygiene, incident investigation and reporting, personal protective equipment, and machinery and equipment.

  • Occupation Health and Safety Act, R.S.O 1990 chapter 0.1
  • Industrial Establishments R.R.O 1990 851
  • (Designated Substances O. Reg. 490/09) possible Exposure to Biological or Chemical Agents RRO 1990 O. Reg. 833
  • WHMIS RRO 1990 O. Reg. 860, WHMIS 2015
  • Training Programs O reg. 780/94
  • JHSC exemption O. Reg. 385/96
  • Workplace Safety and Insurance Act SO 1997 chapter 16
  • Regulation for First aid requirements RRO 1990 O. Reg. 1101
  • Critical Injury Defined RRO 1990 O. Reg. 834
  • Dangerous Goods Transportation Act, RSO 19

The ESATCO Training Process

  • 1 FREE initial meeting (online, telephone, or in person)
  • 2 Decide Training needed Basics(1 day) or Advanced(3 day) for environmental or health and safety
  • 3 Select and Book your online sessions (environmental or health and safety) trainingt
  • 4 Attend your chosen online training session(s)
  • 5 Receive Certificate of Training

ESATCO understands your Health and Safety Compliance Training issues and offers the solutions that you require.

  • Reliable, qualified, cost effective services
  • Trainers who understand your risk management needs and business practices
  • Expert staff who are extremely aware of health and safety Risks
  • Project quality assurance/quality control to ensure timely, high quality products and service
  • Compliance Training - Learn the basics of health and safety compliance, with 1 day overview, or 3 day Advanced Online training sessions. Email and ask for more details
  • Online training - participate from your location through online resources, no travel, no risks during COVID 19, receive certificate of completion