Life Cycle Analysis – How LCA works

Life Cycle Analysis – How LCA works

Life cycle analysis (LCA) is the systematic approach of looking at a product’s complete life cycle, from raw materials to final disposal of the product.

How LCA Works

Life cycle analysis examines the environmental impacts of a product by considering the major stages of a product’s life, which are:

  1. Raw material acquisition, which includes material harvesting and transportation to manufacturing sites;
  1. Processing,which involves materials processing and transportation to production sites;
  1. Manufacturing,which includes product manufacture and assembly, packaging, and transportation to final distribution;
  1. Product life, which includes energy and emissions during normal product life, required maintenance, and product reuse (refurbishing, material reuse); and
  1. Waste management/end of life, which includes recycling, landfills, liquid waste, gas emissions.

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