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NPRI National Pollutant Release Inventory


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NPRI - National Pollutant Release Inventory 

The National Pollutant Release Inventory (NPRI), established in 1992, is the national pollutant release and transfer register of Canada. This list of pollutants contains releases from a facility to the air, water, and land along with disposals at, or from a facility. Reported information is used in the creation of pollution management plans and to inform Canadians about their environment.

Facilities which meet reporting requirements are required to report to the NPRI under the Canadian Environmental Protection Act, 1999 (CEPA 1999). Over 300 substances are listed on the NPRI, and over 8,000 facilities annually report information on their pollutant releases and transfers to Environment and Climate Change Canada.

The objectives of an NPRI National Pollutant Release Inventory is to estimate the emissions from your plant or facility in compliance with regulatory requires for emitters. 

ESATCO understands your NPRI Assessment Needs and  that you require:

  • reliable, qualified, cost effective services,
  • dependable solution consultants who understand quality procedures and business practices,
  • project staff who are extremely aware of health and safety, and
  • project quality assurance/quality control to ensure high quality, timely products and service.

First Step:

Lets chat to see what your needs are 647-921-9322 or email

Next Steps:

  1. define program for evaluation of your Emissions Estimate
  2. schedule and execute an emissions estimate based on your inputs (chemicals used, emissions, consumption of materials, production, test results) evaluate sampling results, and complete draft report with recommendations
  3. work with you to development solutions to issues revealed by your Study.
  4. implement solutions

Next Steps

  • FREE initial meeting (online, telephone, or in person)
  • Development of a strategy and plan to assess the situation
  • In plant assessment (air, noise or management system GAP review)
  • Assessment Report with recommendations


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