Odour control and how to be in compliance

Odour control and how to be in compliance are essential for industry today. Odour management strategies are linked to regulatory requirements. Most regulatory regions / provinces / states / municipal areas have some type of Odour control mechanisms, whether they are enshrined in compliance approvals (air emissions) or municipal nuisance bylaws.

Municipal bylaws are being issued and or updated with a focus on licensed (by Health Canada) producers of Cannabis but also mentions landfill, slaughterhouse and rendering operations. other industrial facilities being effected on a Compliance Approval basis include foundries, chemical plants, oil refineries, cement plants etc.

Failure to be in compliance can be costly to your organization.

Key steps to maintain compliance

  1. build an inventory of odour sources from your facility activities.
  2. establish operating guidelines for these sources.
  3. pro-actively evaluate effectiveness of controls.
  4. pro-actively monitor issues, onsite as well as potential off site excursions.
  5. improve engineering controls.

AVOIDING ODOUR NUISANCE CHARGES: You must maintain compliance with odour emissions and social rules. Whether you have a large cannabis operation(s) or a small home grow operations (medical or other), or any other type of process plant (sewage, iron foundry, chemical plant), there are new unique and cost effective all natural solutions to eliminate your odour emissions.

Feel free to contact Chris at 647-921-9322 or solutions@esatco.com for more information on effective applied science / odour control technology to reduce your business risks.

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