Pyrolysis Oil

Pyrolysis Oil

Manitoba Hydro collaborated with Tolko Industries and Ensyn Technologies  to develop a Pyrolysis Oil Demonstration Project at Tolko Industries in The Pas, Manitoba. The project received financial support from the Government of Canada’s Clean Energy Fund (open new window) and is aimed at advancing renewable and clean energy in the province.

Pyrolysis oil is a renewable liquid fuel that is derived from waste wood. For the demonstration, Ensyn supplied the pyrolysis oil from their processing facility in Renfrew, Ontario to replace fossil fuels at Tolko’s Kraft Paper Mill. The boiler operation at Tolko currently uses wood waste but also waste oil and bunker C fuel. The boiler produces steam for papermaking process in the plant and also to generate half the mill’s electricity. If Tolko were to rely solely on pyrolysis oil as a fuel source, they could potentially reduce their GHG emissions by 50,000 tonnes a year.

The Pyrolysis Oil Demonstration Project is the first of five bioenergy demonstration projects being deployed under Manitoba Hydro’s Bionergy Optimization Program. The demonstration projects received funding from the government of Canada’s Clean Energy Fund, which was established in 2009 as an investment in technology development in Canada. All five projects will be evaluated over the next two years and are expected to have real-world applications that enhance the operational efficiencies of several Manitoba industrial and agricultural businesses, as well as, raise the profile of bioenergy technologies within the province.

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