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  • REA – Renewables Energy Approvals
  • Permitting ECA (CofA) – Environmental Compliance Approval
  • (Certificates of Approval) – new and/or amended, Air, Land, Water
  • NPRI – reviews, development, reporting
  • Toxic Reduction Act - Plans
  • Compliance reviews for Industrial, Commercial Operations
  • Climate change, GHG, inventories
  • Noise evaluations
  • Dispersion modelling (ESDM, Aermod, Reg 346, ISC3, Screen)
  • Indoor Air Quality Assessment IAQ / In Plant Personnel Sampling, Dust, Noise, Metals, OHS
  • Emissions Evaluations
  • Database development, modification, upkeep
  • Ambient air quality
  • Ventilation / Fugitive Dust studies
  • non-hazardous waste management
  • 3R’s, waste audits,
  • hazardous waste management
  • chemical handling & WHIMIS
  • solids and liquids separation
  • Chemical Management Plans
  • designated substances assessment


Applied Science Based Solutions:

  • Process Analysis (Energy, Water, Wastes)
  • New Systems Specifications (Oil Water Evaporators, Filtration Systems, etc.)
  • Waste Reduction
  • Process Enhancements / Efficiency Studies
  • Design Hazard Analysis (Hazops)
  • C of A permitting and approvals
  • MISA reporting
  • water uptake, water effluent discharge permitting
  • water utilisation, efficiency studies
  • waste water review, recycling and efficiency
  • Pollution Prevention and evaluations

Remediation and Assessment

  • Due diligence, assessment and remediation services (investigation through cleanup)
  • Environmental Assessments (baseline through to permitting, EA's EIA's, SEIA's)

(Environmental, Quality, Health & Safety, GHG, Sustainability)

  • GAP analysis to ISO 14001, ISO 9001, OHSAS 18001, ISO 26000,
  • ISO 14064
  • Internal Audits
  • Compliance Audits
  • System Development, implementation, integration

In summary, ESATCO provides hands-on Environmental Sustainability (Air, Water Land), Regulatory and Permitting Support, Certificates of Approvals, NPRI, Toxics Regulations, MISA and other reporting.

Internal, GAP and Compliance Auditing (ISO 14001, ISO 9001, OHSAS 18001, OES ERS, OES WEERR, Cyanide Code, MAC TSM)

Management Systems Development and Implementation (EMS, QMS, HSMS, SMS)

and Sustainable Green Energy Technology (Wind, Solar, Bio)

ENSURETM to Future Proof your business with ESATCO!

ESATCO provides hands-on applied science solutions & services while enabling ENvironmentally Sustainable Utilization of Resources & Energy (ENSURETM)